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Having a free page on is powerful enough to gain so much value from its superior tools. However, you may want to focus on your business as well as be more professional to reap enterprise/business benefits. What will make you highly professional and powerful is your ability to generate a lot of quality content much more frequently and create strong channels of content distribution.

To turn you into a profitable online pro, we have the following services at your disposal:

Page Website Menu to work like a full website

A Navigation MENU is an add-on for your free page to make it much more powerful. If you already have a website, this can enhance your digital marketing and if you do not have a website, this will give you great online presence even without a website.

The Navigation Menu on your One Nip page can include; About us, Contact us, News and More which can also be found on a full website. This can be more powerful than running your own website because the main purpose of a website is for people to easily find you as well as market you. This platform promotes you far more than your own website. However, you can run both your website and a page with a full Navigation Menu concurrently.

Simplify business processes via online forms
Forms are add-ons for your free One Nip Page. As business becomes complex, you will want to simplify it. A website is a great place to simplify many of the complex business processes. Forms are great web tools to use in receiving applications, registrations, feedback, inquiries and others. They can also be used to send automated messages, auto-generated receipts, invoices and much more.

Try filling these forms on some of our platforms:,,


Digital Video experience for viewers
Create quality videos for distribution and integrate them into your articles as well as have it run on a powerful YouTube Channel. Each video creation is only UGX 80,000.


Website content development for Search Engine Optimization
Create quality Website Articles/Posts. Search engines are the main place people find what they are looking for on the internet. These organic visitors are very important for your business because they come out of a need as they search for services similar to yours. Unfortunately, Google will not index your article/content if it is less than 200 words. With a great team and network of professional writers, we can build, prepare, setup and write stories for your articles at anyone moment and more frequently to build more organic search ranking. Each article will cost you UGX 70,000


Website Designing and Development
You may want a content-centered website to enhance digital marketing for your business. Unfortunately, over 95% of websites are not designed for frequent update with special sections made specially for that. In digital marketing, content is king. If you can excel at this, you will set yourself apart. You can take a look at some of our website here:,,, See website pricing here.


Website Content Digital Marketing
Every piece of content on the web needs a distribution channel to get to as many people it is intended for. If you do not deliberately build channels of distribution for your web content, much of it will never see any pairs of eyes. Why then should you have great content if people can’t find it easily?

We can help you with routine distribution/sharing of web content with your subscribers via different channels including emails, SMS, and Search Engine Marketing (website map).

See a subscription example on Baptist High School:

Personalised Bulk SMS Services
Send Automatic SMS Messages, Announcements and Scheduled information to parents, teachers, customers and other stakeholders. Over 95 percent of SMS messages get opened.

Our SMS messages can be personalized by addressing recipients by name, for example, “Hi Robert”. Lists of contact are separated according to recipients and are easily managed. For details go to:
Each SMS Costs UGX40.


Communicate with thousands without handling their emails

John Cena once said that “A relationship is based on communication”. This applies to personal and business relationships. What if we give the power to communicate with thousands of people from your email but send your email to one email address and rest assured that it is going to the right audience.


What we do for you is that, we create for you one email address for each of your subscription lists (parents, students, customers, staff, and others), we then connect the email to the respective subscription lists using server automation. Each time you need to communicate to the thousands of people on any of your subscription lists, you simply send the email to just that one email that connects to the list for example This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The email to the thousands will be personalized because the first line of the email will be pre-determined from the system such as “Dear [First Name]” so you will not need to include it. Simply send seasonal greetings, announcements, and others from the comfort of your email account.

Business Emails

Customers form visual perceptions about your business. The email you use to communicate can form part of the perception. Using your own custom domain email that relates to your business name carries much more weight than using public emails such as gmail or yahoo mail.

You may not need to run a website at this moment but you may need professional business emails such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In this case, you only need just a registered domain name such as


Bulk SMS for Weddings and Corporate Relationship SMS

Web Hosting Services

Domain Name Registrations

Website Designing


AND OTHERS…. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +256753298980 / +256773966860


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