The COVID-19 pandemic has in a long time gripped the whole population of the world to look at change in unison, like never before. Everyone and every employee and employer have been forced to rethink their modality of operations and this means effecting change. 

Thus, in this article, follow the link to read the full article of how employees should meaningfully navigate the situation that has befallen everyone in the universe. 

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We are at least aware of the stories in the book of Genesis, even if you are a non believer or non Christian. At least you have heard the story of creation, in which God talked His mind with the Angels he was with, and the words became a reality. We are told from the reading in that book, of having nothing of value, to the earth and all that we see came into being.

These creations pleased God, and they included creatures of the air, on the land and in the seas. These were of different kinds, sizes, forms, etc. They are were created and coexisted for the purpose that God had made them.

When He created all these creatures, He then made man, named Adam in their own image and gave all the responsibility of naming the creatures he has created. He also created Eve as a helper to Adam, which shows that Management is not about a one person affair, but of many people. Thus, whatever name that Adam gave the creatures, they are what these creatures are called to date. Wonderful, isn't it. Above all, Adam was really a man of wisdom to undertake such a monumental task, and he did it with the greatest perfection, apart from Jesus that I can think of.

Thus, for me, the book of Genesis is the foundation of Management. After God created all the creatures, heaven and earth, He placed everything in the hands of Adam. Look at this in this way. God is the founder of the universe, in the same way, people form companies, organisations, institutions, etc., and place them into the hands of others to manage the operations, in order to achieve the objectives of why these were formed.

Do you need a management training for your team? Do get in touch with us for any of these packages we have developed.
1. Manager For Life.
2. Management by Dreams.
3. Management Puzzle.
4. Your Normal Manager Next Door.

We also tailor our training package depending on your needs in addressing the specific situation that you are going through.

0776 521701 / 0754 082100 are the numbers to contact or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Volunteer Work in Uganda with GVA Foundation - Africa

Volunteer Work Uganda Volunteer Work Uganda

GVA Foundation- Africa offers opportunities for volunteer work in rural Uganda, through various sustainable community development projects, giving you a chance to experience the culture, the people, safaris and much more.

What volunteer work in Uganda can I do?

We're looking for volunteers in Uganda who will contribute to projects in communities where help is most needed.

At a one-to-one Uganda orientation interview we'll discuss your skills, experience and of course, preferences to ensure that you're assigned to the right project. Volunteers in Uganda are needed in a variety of project areas. Including but not limited to Healthcare, Education and Teaching, Childcare Support, Agriculture Development, Microfinance and Business and so many other areas.

How long can I come for?

Our Volunteer Uganda placements last either two weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks or 3 months and include a three-day arrival orientation. You'll have the chance to travel at weekends but to make the most of this fantastic country why not leaves some time at the end of your program to explore further afield?

Where will I be working?

Our Ugandan projects are rural community based. The majority of our volunteers are placed in rural areas of Central Uganda, Eastern Uganda, Northern Uganda and Uganda islands although projects do also exist in other parts of the country like Western Uganda.

Who will I be working with?

We place volunteers in existing projects, working alongside local people. Our volunteer in Uganda program is essentially designed to provide independent experiences which promote integration with the local people. You may also be working alongside another international volunteer.

Where will I be living?

As part of our 'Local Approach', we believe that living with a local family is the best way for volunteers to become fully immersed into the local culture. You'll be placed with a family in a Ugandan community, a short distance from your project. Your host will welcome you into their family and help you to settle into the local area. You might be living with another volunteer.

Houses can be very basic and may not have running water or a constant source of electricity. Enjoying home-cooked food, sharing stories and life experiences and learning the local language will give you a unique and memorable experience.

How much does it cost?

2 Weeks$395
3 Weeks$495
4 Weeks$595
5 Weeks$695
6 Weeks$795
7 Weeks$895
8 Weeks$995
9 Weeks$1095
10 Weeks$1195
12 Weeks$1395

What's included?

  • Airport transfers (one way)
  • Placement Registration & Booking
  • Project Support (Pre-departure/ Onsite)
  • Comfortable Accommodation (Homestay)
  • Nutritious meals everyday on project (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • In-country support/Orientation

What else should I budget for?

We feel it's important to be as upfront as possible about any additional costs so that you can manage your budget and have a hassle free trip.

Please budget for the following: Air-ticket, Insurance, Health, and day to day living expenses.

Raising extra funds for your trip needn't be difficult as there are loads of things you can do to raise money.

Your arrival orientation, placement and local support services is provided by Isaac Ssamba and team.

Email us to Apply Now at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Volunteer Work Uganda
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Can chameleon unseat Lukwago from mayorship?

Samuel Tatambuka

I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that every musician who has ever had a prominent name here in in Uganda has got interests in being a political leader,it is true musicians are a very good way of packaging a party, but who is the driving force for this wave of change from music to Politics?

A month ago, singer joseph Mayanja alias as Jose chameleon came out and was officially inducted as a democratic part member at sharing hall Nsambyain Kampala, where he declared his intension to run for Mayorship come 2021.

And in most of mainstream media, this is the topic for discussion in the arena of music, politics and current affaires

This is a right decision for such a young talented man, but it leaves us with some question; which magic will Chameleon bring to DP? Is he the pesticide that is going to be used fumigate DP Cockroaches, ticks and other insects as the president General of the Democratic Party said? In the daily monitor dated July 10, 19, Mao is quoted saying that, "we are to fumigate DP of the cockroach, ticks and other insects" However, the idea is a chameleon, a watermelon and a pumpkin has got something in common; at least they all have more than one color. If "chameleon" is a chameleon with some identifications of watermelon on his head and the appearance is like that of the pumpkin where should the public get trust to endorse mayorship position to him. It is not all about running all over telling the publics about the new change and claiming its time for change, good leadership start from grassroots. Is it possible and prudent enough for a person who cannot stand on the truth to be entrusted with leadership? If you can claim you were misled to participate in whatever music project you did, how sure are you that they can not do it again

Franz kafka once said"Don't bend; don't water it down; don't try to make it logical; don't edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly."

It is very hard for someone out of the blue to bump into something that you have never done, all this is as a result of people power pressure. For a rat to enter into a room where the cat sleep it is as easy as 123 but getting out with happiness may the question that we are yet to answer come 2021 

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UCU tips Kumi Farmers on modern methods of farming

By Samuel Tatambuka

Kumi District farmers have applauded Uganda Christian University's (UCU) Department of Agricultural and Biological Sciences for equipping them with new farming techniques so as to improve agricultural production.

This happened during the final evaluation of the project 'Designing and implementing a university-based extension and technology dissemination programme for grain legumes and dry land cereals innovations in eastern Uganda in eastern Uganda' (GLDC), which took place on July 29th to 30th, 2019 in Kumi Town Council Youth Sharing Hall, where farmers and the district officials recognized UCU's commitment to improvement of agriculture.

According to Odeke Valdo, the Kumi District Production Officer, the project has created increased demand for agricultural services.

"We recognize that the project has increased demand for better agricultural services in Kumi and most importantly, it has increased coverage for the district since students having been living with the farmers in the same community," said Odeke.

He added that this is a vital project because it gives hands-on skills to students, who have been living with the farmers.

According to Odeke Isois, the Chairperson of Good Parents farmers group in Kumi Sub-County, this initiative will help them address today's agricultural challenges.

"After interacting with the students, I want to transform my poultry farm into a commercial one. I have learnt that poultry provides fresh and nutritious food and has a huge global demand. It also doesn't require high capital for starting. I was taught by the students that I only need basic capital to start commercial poultry," said Isois.

GLDC project, implemented by the Department of Agricultural and Biological Sciences UCU, is aimed at designing and implementing a university-based extension and technology dissemination program for grain legumes and dry land cereal innovations in eastern Uganda.

UCU's Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology, Associate Professor Elizabeth Kizito, said the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) recognized UCU because it has been engaging in community out-reaches as part of the students' training.

More than 500 farmers, from three Sub-Counties namely; Ongino, Kanyum and Kumi have benefited from diverse areas in animal and crop production such as kitchen gardens, making organic pesticides, improved livestock management, group dynamics, safe use of agro-chemicals and M-Omulimisa (an application used to access extension services in agriculture) among others.

The project is funded by International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) through RUFORUM. 

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